Sweating Too Much


Have you tried this method to avoid sweating too much? The method is by frequently bathing with salt. Salt has been known to absrorb water or a water retention. Small amount of salt remaining on your skin may reduce your sweating. Good luck on that!


Recent heatwave in Melbourne made me feel uncomfortable. Spending the day with 47 C was like living inside an oven. So much fears and worries. Althought I don’t live in a country side but still the day was really horrible. I can’t really figure out how strong was the heatwave that can kill so many people. The latest death toll is 181.

Please, donate to Red Cross to help those brothers and sisters who are unfortunate enough to lose their homes and families.


Lemon Diet

298x232-water_lemon-298x232_water_lemon1Recently, I have been drinking water with added lemon juice. I started this habit not because of any reasons. Simply, I like the taste of lemon when drinking plain water. But from this habit, I noticed that I was losing weight without any diets or exercises. I didn’t change any bits about my lifestyle only adding more lemon to my drinks. It is true people who want to cut off their weight, they often drink more lemon. It seems that it works for me. Lemon is not cheap at my place, fortunately I have a lemon tree in the backyard. Start to drink more lemon people if you want to try Lemon Diet Program. But just to remind, not to indulge yourself drinking lemon water more than you can endure. Some of us may have stomach ulcers which may not suitable for you to do this diet. Lemon juice really forces your stomach to produce more acids to digest your food faster and keep your digestion well.

antibiotics460It is better not to take any antibiotics to treat acne. Antibiotics work tremendously well, but they only last for 3-5 months which focus on killing those bacteria. But, after that period, the bacteria may get resistance towards the drugs. Therefore, you have to switch to another antibiotic. The problemĀ  is you have to change your drugs every once in awhile because your body do not respond well for certain type of antibitiotics for long period of times. The advice is if your acne problem is not severe, don’t even try to think about taking antibiotics since it does not really treat the acne permanently. Also, let’s say in the future you may some bacteria infections and the doctor wants you to take certain kind of antibiotics, unfortunately your body may already do not respond to that antibiotic because you had taken the same drug for awhile. Taking antibiotics is not like taking supplements or vitamins, so if you could avoid it, please do so.

Grapes in the Fridge

grapes300wI bought a bunch of grapes from a supermarket. I sweared that they were sweet because of the price and the time when I tasted were all sweet. But the moment that I kept in the fridge and a day after that I took them out again, there were all turned sour. The lesson is to never put expensive and guaranteed quality fruits in the fridge because the gas in the fridge might has turned them into grumpy sour grapes.

vinegar_10_acidity_fermented_vinegar_raw_vinegarIĀ  tried to cook mushroom chicken steak for my family. Unfortunately, it was too salty. Somehow I remembered that I read on a magazine that by adding vinegar may help to reduce its saltiness. Of course, you can also add some sugar. It works well to. But, in my opinion, if your cook dish becomes too salty or sweet, you could always try to add some drops of vinegar into it. Save your food, save the world!

Acne Quick Vanisher

acneI had a date yesterday. It was a nice dinner. Just to let you know, I was in panic one day before the date. I had two big pimples breakout. One on my forehead and another on my cheek. I know I shouldn’t be that nervous with carrying those pimples on my date. But still, it wouldn’t look nice I had those things on my face. The good thing was I still had 24 hours before the date and I remembered my Mom’s advice to always put toothpaste on the pimple when you want a quick clearance. So, I took my toothpaste and spot it on my pimples and let them dry. After like 12 hours, they were gone, not even a redness left behind. This might be the effect of the peroxide in the toothpaste that make the pimples dry. Just to remember not to put toothpaste regularly on your face because it is not meant to be applied on your face, but for an emergency definitely you can.