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Have you tried this method to avoid sweating too much? The method is by frequently bathing with salt. Salt has been known to absrorb water or a water retention. Small amount of salt remaining on your skin may reduce your sweating. Good luck on that!


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vinegar_10_acidity_fermented_vinegar_raw_vinegarI  tried to cook mushroom chicken steak for my family. Unfortunately, it was too salty. Somehow I remembered that I read on a magazine that by adding vinegar may help to reduce its saltiness. Of course, you can also add some sugar. It works well to. But, in my opinion, if your cook dish becomes too salty or sweet, you could always try to add some drops of vinegar into it. Save your food, save the world!

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vol1co3All the foods you have prepared for the party look fine, but you start to panic because the sliced fruits on the other table are starting to get browning. There is one effective way to stop fruit browning which is by mixing the fruits with some salts. Maybe the fruits will eventually become a little bit salty because of the added salt but the appearance of the fruits will remain fabulously fresh by absorbing the moisture which causes the browning.

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Salt for sore throat?

Many options to cure a sore throat. Have you ever tried to use salt to cure it? Gargling a glass of salt concentrated water can ease your pain (a cup of water with 6-8 teaspoons)

This is due to the fact that the salt has the properties to kill some bacteria¬† (some of them do not survive in high saline environment) and absorb mucus in the infected throat. Just in case it doesn’t work, do not add more salt and gargle it every now and then. Since, salt also may irritate throat skin layer. Keep in mind, keep everything in moderate. Too much of something is never good.

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