sitting-on-gym-ballsWith extra food that we have taken, we need more exercises to burn those extra calories. But some of us may be bit too lazy to start doing  it. Oh well, you can start of by simply sitting on a chair. Forget about sitting on a normal chair, buy a new gym ball. This ball works tremendously in cutting off those excess fats. When you are sitting on the ball, you are actually wiggling around to balance out your body. So, more body work out is done. Plus, you can also perfect your posture while sitting on it. Personally, I like doing crunches, doing push ups, even some yoga poses on the gym ball. Studies suggest that sitting on gym ball burns more calories than sitting on a normal chair. If you are a owner of a company, you may start thinking about switching your company seats to gym balls. You might have the healthiest group of employees in the world.


Stop Fruit Browning

vol1co3All the foods you have prepared for the party look fine, but you start to panic because the sliced fruits on the other table are starting to get browning. There is one effective way to stop fruit browning which is by mixing the fruits with some salts. Maybe the fruits will eventually become a little bit salty because of the added salt but the appearance of the fruits will remain fabulously fresh by absorbing the moisture which causes the browning.

92e997441e754098e8aea9309568eb33Feeling down to have sex because there is no desire to do it. Maybe it is the time to pump up your sex libido. However, there are so many products out there that promise to increase your sexual desire like magic beans. But how safe are those promises? Still we want something that is safe but effective. The answer to your doubt is to include watermelon in your diet. It is believed that having 3-5 slices of the fruit is equal of having 1/4 of the well-known viagra. So, by having the fruits everyday will definitely boost your sex libido tremedously. Even in China, there are many drug companies which produce “sex triggering pills” are made up from watermelon’s organic compound called citrulline. It helps to reduce muscle fatigue while increasing sex libido. So, have 3-5 slices of watermelon a day keep the viagra away!

41ieciiujgl_ss260_Exercising is the best approach to get healthy and stay slim. However, there are many factor which contribute to shaping up your body. Do you think that wearing any type of clothes will not affect your exercise? You are wrong. A research by Australian scientists showed that wearing spandex while you are exercising increases the effectiveness of the calorie burning by 60%. The reason is it improves the elasticity of your body while performing the exercise. No wonder most of the superheroes are wearing spandex to maintain their good figures.

37593250_4e7ddd9842In Indonesia, it is really common to use coconut leaves as a toothpaste especially for elderly people. This has been practiced since hundred years ago where coconut leaves are burnt into ashes and the ashes is used to brush off the teeth. However, not every part in this world can easily obtain coconut leaves. If you are living in tropical country, you must definitely try this tips for whiter and healthier teeth.

shiny_shoesEver wonder about how to make your shoes especially the leather one shinier without paying more to buy shoe polisher? A banana skin can make that happens. Just use any banana skins and wipe it over the shoes. Remember to clean your shoes first with with a damp cloth and let it dry to make end-result better before using the banana skin.

naturopathic-medicine-365-1-792104It is really frustating to see how much hair we lose everyday. Day by day, it becomes thiner and thiner leading to more serious problems such as baldness. Especially in men, baldness is mostly suffered by 80% of male population in the world. There are so much promising treatments for hair loss and they are not cheap. But, if you want to keep your hair healthy and shiny until you reach the old age, you should try to use this effective hair treatment recipe. The recipe consists of 100 mL of olive oil and 3-5  drops of lavender oil are mixed. So when you want to prepare higher amount add more drops of the oil. The application can be done after showering, apply to your damp hair  and leave them to dry. Do it mostly once a day especially at night to really nourish your hair follicles. Frequent and long term application will definitely diminish your worry about getting bald.