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antibiotics460It is better not to take any antibiotics to treat acne. Antibiotics work tremendously well, but they only last for 3-5 months which focus on killing those bacteria. But, after that period, the bacteria may get resistance towards the drugs. Therefore, you have to switch to another antibiotic. The problemĀ  is you have to change your drugs every once in awhile because your body do not respond well for certain type of antibitiotics for long period of times. The advice is if your acne problem is not severe, don’t even try to think about taking antibiotics since it does not really treat the acne permanently. Also, let’s say in the future you may some bacteria infections and the doctor wants you to take certain kind of antibiotics, unfortunately your body may already do not respond to that antibiotic because you had taken the same drug for awhile. Taking antibiotics is not like taking supplements or vitamins, so if you could avoid it, please do so.


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