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acneI had a date yesterday. It was a nice dinner. Just to let you know, I was in panic one day before the date. I had two big pimples breakout. One on my forehead and another on my cheek. I know I shouldn’t be that nervous with carrying those pimples on my date. But still, it wouldn’t look nice I had those things on my face. The good thing was I still had 24 hours before the date and I remembered my Mom’s advice to always put toothpaste on the pimple when you want a quick clearance. So, I took my toothpaste and spot it on my pimples and let them dry. After like 12 hours, they were gone, not even a redness left behind. This might be the effect of the peroxide in the toothpaste that make the pimples dry. Just to remember not to put toothpaste regularly on your face because it is not meant to be applied on your face, but for an emergency definitely you can.


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