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sitting-on-gym-ballsWith extra food that we have taken, we need more exercises to burn those extra calories. But some of us may be bit too lazy to start doing  it. Oh well, you can start of by simply sitting on a chair. Forget about sitting on a normal chair, buy a new gym ball. This ball works tremendously in cutting off those excess fats. When you are sitting on the ball, you are actually wiggling around to balance out your body. So, more body work out is done. Plus, you can also perfect your posture while sitting on it. Personally, I like doing crunches, doing push ups, even some yoga poses on the gym ball. Studies suggest that sitting on gym ball burns more calories than sitting on a normal chair. If you are a owner of a company, you may start thinking about switching your company seats to gym balls. You might have the healthiest group of employees in the world.


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Almost everyone craves for chicken meat no matter it is fried, steamed or even baked. But, do you know which part of chicken you should avoid from eating? It is suggested that chicken wings comprimise almost half of the total fat in chicken. So, next time when you are on diet maybe you should consider not to include chicken wings in your menu.

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