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Almost everyone craves for chicken meat no matter it is fried, steamed or even baked. But, do you know which part of chicken you should avoid from eating? It is suggested that chicken wings comprimise almost half of the total fat in chicken. So, next time when you are on diet maybe you should consider not to include chicken wings in your menu.


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healthy breakfastMy aunt just bought me a bottle of bird’s nest soup and I wondered when was the best time to devour it. According to many studies, you should have every highly nutritional food for breakfast. That is the time when our digestive system really absorb minerals, vitamins and amino acids really well. So you surely do not want to waste off your expensive foods just like that and try to obtain all of its nutrition values. During 1 hour after get out from your bedroom, try to grab anything but high fat products to be consumed as your breakfast. It is such a waste to consume expensive nutritional foods after the breakfast because your body do not utilize it as optimum as possible. This is why people always say never ever skip your breakfast. A survey in Macquire University showed that 90% of its participants who ate breakfast in the morning for 3 months were much healthier that those who didn’t have it in term of stamina and overall well-being.

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banana1Never eat banana with an empty stomach. A study showed that it could cause stomach to produce more acids to break down the carbohydrates. An excess in acid production may lead to stomach cramps, diarrhea and esophageal cancer.

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