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41ieciiujgl_ss260_Exercising is the best approach to get healthy and stay slim. However, there are many factor which contribute to shaping up your body. Do you think that wearing any type of clothes will not affect your exercise? You are wrong. A research by Australian scientists showed that wearing spandex while you are exercising increases the effectiveness of the calorie burning by 60%. The reason is it improves the elasticity of your body while performing the exercise. No wonder most of the superheroes are wearing spandex to maintain their good figures.


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turmeric1Turmeric has been used across generations in my family for treating arthritis, knee pains, or joint problems. Simply peel off the rough (outer) skin of the turmeric and burn the skinless turmeric until it is hot enough to apply on the skin where the pain is. Frequent uses can treat the problems. It works as an anti-inflammantory which penetrates into the skin.

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If you have a digestion problem  in which after finishing your meal you feel discomfort in your stomach such as bloating. You might try this simple exercise to treat the problem:

Stretch your neck by positioning your head pointing upward (refer to the picture). Hold this posture for 30 seconds with regular breathing and do three sets.

This exercise improves blood circulation of the digestive system, therefore it eliminates any minor discomfort caused by indigestion.

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banana1Never eat banana with an empty stomach. A study showed that it could cause stomach to produce more acids to break down the carbohydrates. An excess in acid production may lead to stomach cramps, diarrhea and esophageal cancer.

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