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turmeric1Turmeric has been used across generations in my family for treating arthritis, knee pains, or joint problems. Simply peel off the rough (outer) skin of the turmeric and burn the skinless turmeric until it is hot enough to apply on the skin where the pain is. Frequent uses can treat the problems. It works as an anti-inflammantory which penetrates into the skin.


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scaledm_468x481Body metabolism plays an important role in maintaining weight. Some of us are lucky enough to have high metabolism, hence you don’t have to worry too much about your weight. So people who are overweight or obese may be caused by low metabolism rate in their body. Therefore, instead of burning off those excess calories, they will be kept as fats in the body.

The key to the metabolism is a mitochondria. It is known as the “power house” of the body cells. So, energy that you have are mostly generated by this organelle. It is ONLY genetically inherited from mother to children. Therefore, when you look at your mom whether she can maintain her weight and eat whatever she wants, this maybe a sign for you to start craving high calorie foods too. Because, genetically saying you may be inherited with a “good” mitochondria that works well in burning those calories. But, if you think that you can easily put on weight, maybe you should start questioning your mom about her mitochondria.

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banana1Never eat banana with an empty stomach. A study showed that it could cause stomach to produce more acids to break down the carbohydrates. An excess in acid production may lead to stomach cramps, diarrhea and esophageal cancer.

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