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92e997441e754098e8aea9309568eb33Feeling down to have sex because there is no desire to do it. Maybe it is the time to pump up your sex libido. However, there are so many products out there that promise to increase your sexual desire like magic beans. But how safe are those promises? Still we want something that is safe but effective. The answer to your doubt is to include watermelon in your diet. It is believed that having 3-5 slices of the fruit is equal of having 1/4 of the well-known viagra. So, by having the fruits everyday will definitely boost your sex libido tremedously. Even in China, there are many drug companies which produce “sex triggering pills” are made up from watermelon’s organic compound called citrulline. It helps to reduce muscle fatigue while increasing sex libido. So, have 3-5 slices of watermelon a day keep the viagra away!


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