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b1eye011Some people believe that if they are experiencing an eye twitching, it may be a sign of bad luck. Is it true? We can’t completely say it is not. First, we have to look at what causing the eye twitching. There are various causes, such as stress, lack of sleep, fatigue or hormone imbalance. Rationally, by looking at these causes, the person who are experiencing eye twitching:

– might not communicate well with others which may cause misunderstanding between them.

– might lose his or her concentration while driving, studying and working  which may cause accident, failing exams and losing job respectively.

– might lose his or her temper easily.

Basically, we can say if you are having the eye twitching, you may start reminding yourself  to be more careful and cautious throughout the day since you might lose concentration, temper or even yourself.


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