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298x232-water_lemon-298x232_water_lemon1Recently, I have been drinking water with added lemon juice. I started this habit not because of any reasons. Simply, I like the taste of lemon when drinking plain water. But from this habit, I noticed that I was losing weight without any diets or exercises. I didn’t change any bits about my lifestyle only adding more lemon to my drinks. It is true people who want to cut off their weight, they often drink more lemon. It seems that it works for me. Lemon is not cheap at my place, fortunately I have a lemon tree in the backyard. Start to drink more lemon people if you want to try Lemon Diet Program. But just to remind, not to indulge yourself drinking lemon water more than you can endure. Some of us may have stomach ulcers which may not suitable for you to do this diet. Lemon juice really forces your stomach to produce more acids to digest your food faster and keep your digestion well.


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scaledm_468x481Body metabolism plays an important role in maintaining weight. Some of us are lucky enough to have high metabolism, hence you don’t have to worry too much about your weight. So people who are overweight or obese may be caused by low metabolism rate in their body. Therefore, instead of burning off those excess calories, they will be kept as fats in the body.

The key to the metabolism is a mitochondria. It is known as the “power house” of the body cells. So, energy that you have are mostly generated by this organelle. It is ONLY genetically inherited from mother to children. Therefore, when you look at your mom whether she can maintain her weight and eat whatever she wants, this maybe a sign for you to start craving high calorie foods too. Because, genetically saying you may be inherited with a “good” mitochondria that works well in burning those calories. But, if you think that you can easily put on weight, maybe you should start questioning your mom about her mitochondria.

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Almost everyone craves for chicken meat no matter it is fried, steamed or even baked. But, do you know which part of chicken you should avoid from eating? It is suggested that chicken wings comprimise almost half of the total fat in chicken. So, next time when you are on diet maybe you should consider not to include chicken wings in your menu.

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