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41ieciiujgl_ss260_Exercising is the best approach to get healthy and stay slim. However, there are many factor which contribute to shaping up your body. Do you think that wearing any type of clothes will not affect your exercise? You are wrong. A research by Australian scientists showed that wearing spandex while you are exercising increases the effectiveness of the calorie burning by 60%. The reason is it improves the elasticity of your body while performing the exercise. No wonder most of the superheroes are wearing spandex to maintain their good figures.


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37593250_4e7ddd9842In Indonesia, it is really common to use coconut leaves as a toothpaste especially for elderly people. This has been practiced since hundred years ago where coconut leaves are burnt into ashes and the ashes is used to brush off the teeth. However, not every part in this world can easily obtain coconut leaves. If you are living in tropical country, you must definitely try this tips for whiter and healthier teeth.

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